Grey Reykjavik

I came across these amazing Icelandic photographers, on their facebook page they call themselves B.B.L. These photos are really dark and mysterious, some are kind a goth, even though that is not my style I really enjoy what they are doing. It is usually photos of Reykjavik city in the background. 


Tattoos are often their subject.




Star Wars in Iceland.


Amazing picture of the down town dock and the much-talked concert hall, “The Harp”


Down Town Reykjavik, kind a looks like doll houses.

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206087_470376536315417_786117327_nThese last photos are called 100 years, and show famous places in Reykjavik, from 100 years ago and today. Pretty cool. The photographers names are Ingimar Flóvent and Marinó Flóvent and you can reach them here.

It is Cold and Dark and Wonderful

I am back in Iceland for Christmas. It is very cold and the days are dark but I love it. It is not snowing but I am hoping to see a little bit of snow before I go back to England. These photos are taken at noon in my lovely countryside.

pc088346 pc088350

The first thing I did, when I got back home, was to visit one of my favorite shops in Reykjavík, called Aunt Frida. It is a vintage interior shop. It is really small but so outstanding. It is crammed with all kinds of treasures.



The house is really old so when you are walking around, exploring, the floor makes cracking noise and when you are downstairs the ceiling shakes if people are walking above, it kind of feels like the house is falling apart. I actually love that! It increases the whole vintage shopping experience.


pc078334 pc078323I did not buy anything this time but I will definitely go again. I did buy something else, I went to the V&A museum in London few weeks ago, There was a necklace that I have not been able to stop thinking about, so I ordered it online and it looks great. I am really happy with it, so unique.


First Project Hand-In

I have just handed in my first project in Uni, The Melting Pot project. Here are some photos I took while working on it and of the final result.


pb108007 pb108012 pb178071 pb178075 pb178077 pb178078 pb208088 pb208092

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I am really happy with it, at least I worked my ass off with this project so I am hoping for a good grade. The first term in The Arts University Bournemouth is now finished and I am back on the Iceberg for Christmas.

New Blogsite

Hi everyone!

My name is Lara, I am 22 and I come from Iceland. This is my first year as student of fashion design and technology at The Arts University Collage at Bournemouth. While studying I work for a Icelandic design called Volcano design, I usually work in the sewing room but I also had the chance to design two garments for the brand.

What I love most in the whole world is my dog, yoga, hiking, fashion, candy and fairytales.

I am going to try my best to put in a lot of good stuff in here, including my own designs and thoughts, inspiration, photographs, and the things I find interesting.

Hope you enjoy it!