It is Cold and Dark and Wonderful

I am back in Iceland for Christmas. It is very cold and the days are dark but I love it. It is not snowing but I am hoping to see a little bit of snow before I go back to England. These photos are taken at noon in my lovely countryside.

pc088346 pc088350

The first thing I did, when I got back home, was to visit one of my favorite shops in Reykjavík, called Aunt Frida. It is a vintage interior shop. It is really small but so outstanding. It is crammed with all kinds of treasures.



The house is really old so when you are walking around, exploring, the floor makes cracking noise and when you are downstairs the ceiling shakes if people are walking above, it kind of feels like the house is falling apart. I actually love that! It increases the whole vintage shopping experience.


pc078334 pc078323I did not buy anything this time but I will definitely go again. I did buy something else, I went to the V&A museum in London few weeks ago, There was a necklace that I have not been able to stop thinking about, so I ordered it online and it looks great. I am really happy with it, so unique.



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