Grey Reykjavik

I came across these amazing Icelandic photographers, on their facebook page they call themselves B.B.L. These photos are really dark and mysterious, some are kind a goth, even though that is not my style I really enjoy what they are doing. It is usually photos of Reykjavik city in the background. 


Tattoos are often their subject.




Star Wars in Iceland.


Amazing picture of the down town dock and the much-talked concert hall, “The Harp”


Down Town Reykjavik, kind a looks like doll houses.

480085_470376249648779_1627609941_n 394592_470376479648756_488989_n

206087_470376536315417_786117327_nThese last photos are called 100 years, and show famous places in Reykjavik, from 100 years ago and today. Pretty cool. The photographers names are Ingimar Flóvent and Marinó Flóvent and you can reach them here.


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