Retro Inspiration

Everyday I check on StyleSight, for inspiration and research. Today I went there searching for something to help me with my T-shirt project. I found a lot of ideas for colour palettes, and how to make them but I also came across tutorials how to add dimension and texture in Illustrator, it can help me make my print design more “retro like”. I have not tried it yet but I definitely will.

I also came across few very inspiring illustration designers.

Andrew Faircloug

eye-handhd_e883067d814e04802a5205d1b77c11c3 TJQ Contents V4 kdrd_design_fed_final_flat hd_071cc79fc6f25dce80585f4c88b44b03 hd_0c7c956dd4c8c38eabf7a40c9ad9cd94Andrew Grove

ag1 ag2 ag3 ag4Inka Jarvinen

inka-jarvinen1 Inka_Jarvinen_Nordea2 Inka_Jarvinen_Nordea Inka_arc4 Inka_arc1 inka-jarvinen_loveAntti Uotila

antti-uotila121 antti-uotila14 antti-uotila11 antti-uotila5 antti-uotila-wrap-finalRGB72


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