Manifesto Design Philosophy

I have a new project in Uni called Manifesto. The idea is to create a design philosophy/manifesto. This is a communication of my approach and ideas about fashion.

Honestly, I am not good with words so I have been struggling on how to present this Manifesto. I have my ideas of what I want it to be, but expressing it on paper is the problem.

I am much more into expressing myself with photos.

8c82a18e16cf7d5027300e8b172cd740 76621_10100403124497123_4141003_n 482668_448130281932687_1911813958_n 5855307770_4b21b07670_z 7811483760_5e9fa125e0_z AM_738_4to_Vedrfolnir DSC_0009 e18_23057119 f3ccdd27d2000e3f9255a7e3e2c48800.img_assist_custom hornset2 il_fullxfull.251069038 IMG_504806 Bleak 2006700 Mystic-Radio-05images


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