Thought Without Color

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Fashion Internship in Iceland !

For the last week I have been doing my placement for Uni. I am working for a fashion designer in Iceland called Jet Korine and it has been wonderful. She has a shop called Gloria on Laugavegur and it is so amazing. The work has been very exciting and I will continue working there for the next 6 weeks. Mostly I have been in the studio sewing but I also had the chance to work in the shop and observe the whole process. The clothing are all natural and sustainable. It is so wonderful to work with these amazing materials! The studio is very small but gorgeous! I have never worked in such inspiring work place! The people I am working for is so creative and inspiring, everyday I am learning something new. Here are some of my photos on Instagram (larainwonderland90)IMG_20130604_154148 IMG_20130604_184832 IMG_20130605_160343 IMG_20130607_130208 IMG_20130607_163822 IMG_20130608_105952 IMG_20130608_110320 IMG_20130608_110551 IMG_20130608_112144 IMG_20130608_114419 IMG_20130608_114507 (1)IMG_20130608_114606IMG_20130608_115009 IMG_20130608_115106 IMG_20130608_115144 IMG_20130608_115309 IMG_20130608_115415 IMG_20130608_115931 IMG_20130608_120541 IMG_20130608_120803