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My T-Shirts are now available online. The Link below takes you to my shop.


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T-shirt Project in Process

I have finished four T-shirts designs so far, I have literally been sitting in front of my computer for two days. I do not have any talent in Photoshop what so ever so this has been a challenge. I am almost finished with four others so things are looking good, might be able to put all of them on www.spreadshirt.co.uk tomorrow.

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Creative T-Shirts

I have this very exciting T-shirt project in Uni this term. Basically we are supposed to design and develop a brand with a logo and strapline and then design few creative prints for T-shirts. I am only on research stage right now and I have found so many amazing print designs that I love.


Friend or Faux T-Shirt with Bad Hare Day Print asos

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asos tshirtOn this last one I specially like the location of the print. These T-shirts are available at asos.com.

isbjorn_005 IMG_8776dogma IMG_7061dogma


These T-shirts are available at dogma.is. I used to work there for one summer. Most of them are funny pictures or comments. A lot of them also include Iceland somehow.

nikita nikita2 nikita3

Nikita. I like these design prints, they are cute, funny and adorable. I also like how they include the brand name in the print.

mundi3 mundi2 mundi

Mundi Design, one of my favorite Icelandic designers. He uses all kind of amazing prints in his collections.

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Last but not least Forynja, also Icelandic design. I absolutely love her prints. Creepy with strong colours. Love love love.