Finished outfit !

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Study Time

Resently I have been learnig to use Lectra system in Uni. It is really hard work, a lot to remember, specially because I am not a really tech person. But it is very fun once you get the hang of it. It is just practise really.

One of the softwares of the Lectra system is Kaledo. It is a drawing tool, similar to Illustrator but more simple. We use it to make our technical drawings.


UntitlledIt is much more easier than to hand draw all this.

We also use software called Modaris. We use Modaris to make our patterns digitally. It is so handy! I love it. After years of hand making patterns this is really a gift from God. But it is complex, it takes time to learn it, but when you do it is so easy to alter patterns in any way you please.

UntgggitledHere I have just inserted basic bodice blocks into Modaris and from them I can manipulate darts or create panel seams. Or whatever I like.

dartsfinished lll

And finally, we can print the pattern out.


Digital Fashion, Love it!